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I still sound like a robot. An awkward robot with a glitch. /o\
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So far I seem to be coping and managing to do at least slightly constructive things one day, followed by a day of being more or less a quivering wreck.

It's not ideal, but I guess it's better than being a quivering wreck all the time.

Yesterday was a coping day.

*deep breath*

That means tomorrow will also be a coping day. Right?

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It is really, really hard to find a balance between denial and incapacitating panic.
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I am earnestly trying to read this book. I really am.

But in the first five pages I have encountered not only the phrase "the Orion star constellation" but this fearfully and wonderfully made sentence:

"As a matter of fact, his true purpose for travelling to Venice was perhaps significantly more clandestine than anyone could have guessed, and his timing was carefully chosen and not a coincidence by chance."

Guys. It's all like this.
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What astounds me is how people can play out the exact. same. bullshit. in fandom after fandom after fandom, and yet continue to convince themselves that no, really, it's different when THEY do it.

Also how anybody whose OTP is the most populated AO3 pairing tag in its fandom by an order of magnitude contrives to believe they are a persecuted minority who's not being "allowed" to ship it.
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Dammit, Agent Carter, why must you do this to me? Even my mom doesn't buy Peggy/Sousa as a romantic thing, and my mom is about as conventional a het shipper as you could imagine. I was on board! I was willing to give it a chance! But the chemistry is just not there. Please rethink your choices and give us back Daniel/Violet. (Peggy can get with whoever, honestly, she has chemistry with basically everyone BUT Daniel.)
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How did the time get away from me that badly?
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So I finished Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves, which I've had kicking around forever and finally got around to reading.

It is weird as all hell. But I like it. I am especially impressed given that it starts out with the protag and her mother being about equally abrasive, and goes on with lots of weird gore and body horror, none of which are things I enjoy usually.

But I like that Hanna is aggressively and unapologetically weird. Unlike a lot of less interesting YA protags, she doesn't spend a lot of time angsting about it, and she doesn't pride herself on it either; she just owns it. I think it's that honesty and lack of drama (relatively -- she is a teenager, after all) that carried me through the initial chapters; that and how quickly the sheer weirdness of the setting became apparent.
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Watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 3x02. Show, what do you think you're doing with Jack? I don't like it, Phryne doesn't like it, and it doesn't look like Nathan Page is having very much fun either. Please to rethink your approach.
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Ephemera (720 words) by TiamatsChild, Guinevak
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton
Summary: Snapshots from the fandom 'verse.
In which there are furry jokes and a cranky Steve.
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Man, I used to know how to meet people on the internets.
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God damn it, people, just because there are weredragons does not mean you are writing Arthurian fiction. Edit: other things that do not make it Arthurian:
  • Mystical matriarchal earth covens.
  • Banshees.
  • Dudes with swords.
  • Vaguely invoking Avalon and/or Merlin at some point.
  • Druids.
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Fun fact: if you make my white fave go off on a lengthy rant to his black superior about what a big meanie the latter is, and you’re going to literally call that “speaking truth to power”, I am not reading anything you write ever again.


Jun. 11th, 2015 06:52 pm
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notes to self )
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Mom and I just finished up S2 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteriesminor spoilers )

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I am working on a thing explicitly meant to be under a thousand words.  I have spent the past week trying to hammer its tiny, tiny plot into coherent shape.  And writing the damn thing is still the actual worst.  I can't believe I do this for fun.
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Oh God, how do people exist as fans of living TV shows?  The plot suspense is the least of it.

Here is a thing: I adore Peggy Carter.

Here is another thing: I adore Daniel Sousa.

Here is the third thing: I really do not ship them?  Like.  I could! I am willing to be sold on it by a competent writer!  But I don't really need it to be canon and in fact kind of hope it won't be, at least for a while.  I love their awkward coworkers-maybe-friends dynamic, I want like two more seasons of that before we even think about kissing stuff.

All the segments of the fandom I have so far encountered seem to fall into either camp A, "he has unexamined privilege and therefore I have no use for him", or camp B, "OMG OTP MFEO!!!", both of which make me cringey.

And that's just the fandom.  I spent way too much of S1 (what time I was not feeling wretchedly defensive over the racefail*) fretting over whether they were gonna go some weird, creepy, passively or actively ableist direction with Sousa -- I don't feel that they did, ultimately, but there was no way to know that in advance!  And really, there still isn't.  They left themselves wide open for an "embittered PWD turns to the dark side" storyline if they're shitty enough to take it.

So. Yeah.  I don't know how people with multiple TV fandoms even survive.

* This is not even getting INTO my angst about writing to ABC in re: said racefail.  I hate writing letters almost as much as I hate phone calls, and yet!  There must be poking!

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Third Thoughts (527 words) by Guinevak
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
Summary: The great Discworld debate. Well, the fair-to-middling Discworld debate.

The first story I publish in literal years, and it's a freaking modern fandom AU of superheroes. I'm pretty sure I once had dignity.

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