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I am earnestly trying to read this book. I really am.

But in the first five pages I have encountered not only the phrase "the Orion star constellation" but this fearfully and wonderfully made sentence:

"As a matter of fact, his true purpose for travelling to Venice was perhaps significantly more clandestine than anyone could have guessed, and his timing was carefully chosen and not a coincidence by chance."

Guys. It's all like this.
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So I finished Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves, which I've had kicking around forever and finally got around to reading.

It is weird as all hell. But I like it. I am especially impressed given that it starts out with the protag and her mother being about equally abrasive, and goes on with lots of weird gore and body horror, none of which are things I enjoy usually.

But I like that Hanna is aggressively and unapologetically weird. Unlike a lot of less interesting YA protags, she doesn't spend a lot of time angsting about it, and she doesn't pride herself on it either; she just owns it. I think it's that honesty and lack of drama (relatively -- she is a teenager, after all) that carried me through the initial chapters; that and how quickly the sheer weirdness of the setting became apparent.
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