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the elevator bears are not tame

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Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:United States of America
Thirtysomething, roughly ladyshaped, should really be better at adulting by now. Fond of books and making things. Currently halfway down a pit of superheroes, headfirst. Send help.

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agent carter, altered books, annals of the western shore, art journaling, art supplies, arthurian legend, arthuriana, aubrey & maturin, autism feels, barbershop quartet, bears, bisexual headcanons, brave, bruce banner, bucky goddamn barnes, c. j. cherryh, captain america, casual creation, coloring, courfeyrac, crossovers, daniel sousa, disney princesses, doodling, dottie underwood, drawing, emilie autumn, everyone's androsexual for alexander siddig, fairy tales, fantine, firefly, flight rising, fortress in the eye of time, fullmetal alchemist, gawain, glitch, hedgehogs, identity porn, infinite coffee and protection detail, les miserables, les miz, lists, made people feels, mcu, miss fisher's murder mysteries, mordred, morgaine saga, nick fury needs a hug, no sex for jack thompson, noe venable, notebooks, ot3s, ot4s, paper dolls, peggy carter appreciation life, pepper potts: slytherin den mother, pretending i still write, princesses, queens, roleplaying, rule 63, selkies, shipping everything in sight, small hard-won victories, snow white and rose red, team orkney, the russian trilogy, the sims, twine, ursula k. le guin, wearing socks, weasels, westmark, wibbly wobbly gender stuff, words
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