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Oh God, how do people exist as fans of living TV shows?  The plot suspense is the least of it.

Here is a thing: I adore Peggy Carter.

Here is another thing: I adore Daniel Sousa.

Here is the third thing: I really do not ship them?  Like.  I could! I am willing to be sold on it by a competent writer!  But I don't really need it to be canon and in fact kind of hope it won't be, at least for a while.  I love their awkward coworkers-maybe-friends dynamic, I want like two more seasons of that before we even think about kissing stuff.

All the segments of the fandom I have so far encountered seem to fall into either camp A, "he has unexamined privilege and therefore I have no use for him", or camp B, "OMG OTP MFEO!!!", both of which make me cringey.

And that's just the fandom.  I spent way too much of S1 (what time I was not feeling wretchedly defensive over the racefail*) fretting over whether they were gonna go some weird, creepy, passively or actively ableist direction with Sousa -- I don't feel that they did, ultimately, but there was no way to know that in advance!  And really, there still isn't.  They left themselves wide open for an "embittered PWD turns to the dark side" storyline if they're shitty enough to take it.

So. Yeah.  I don't know how people with multiple TV fandoms even survive.

* This is not even getting INTO my angst about writing to ABC in re: said racefail.  I hate writing letters almost as much as I hate phone calls, and yet!  There must be poking!

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